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[Sample] Origin Sound LoFi and Chill WAV-DECiBEL

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[Sample] Origin Sound LoFi and Chill WAV-DECiBEL

#1  Gửi bàigửi bởi Xaudios » 13/11/2019 23:30

[Sample] Origin Sound LoFi and Chill WAV-DECiBEL

'Lo-Fi & Chill' by Origin Sound is a sample pack that is bubbling over with lush and mellow vibes. Filled with soft rattling percussion and dreamy melancholy synths, this pack is an elegant collection of Chill-Hop delicacies.

The music loops folder of this pack is filled with evocative and mesmerising loops and swirling samples that constitute an ample source of inspiration to unlock your creative potential. Ranging from sub basses that support perfectly the mix, chords that seem to melt effortlessly into each other, warm and warbling pianos, atmospheric and cinematic pads, guitars that pull influences from Jazz, Folk, and Blues, to stack loops that make all the elements fit together, these music loops are the foundation of 'Lo-Fi & Chill'.

The drum loops folder contains a selection of carefully crafted drum loops, featuring versions without kick drum, and with only tops and percussion. The drum loops in 'Lo-Fi & Chill' draw deeply on a classic Chill-Hop influence, while weaving in tasteful flavours of Downtempo, Ambient, and other organic genres. Filled with head-bobbing swing, bedroom-beat Foley, and a generally gentle vibe, these loops are a great complement to the music loops in the pack.

'Lo-Fi & Chill' also features a unique FX folder full of guitar extras, music box samples, risers and fallers, and a few other special treats. 'Lo-Fi & Chill' will make you feel like you are laying on the beach at night with your friends looking up at the stars. You are getting more than a sample pack, you are getting an inside look into some beautiful ideas created by a skilled and highly creative community of artists and musicians.

Product Details:
• 94 Drum Hits
• 41 Drum Loops
• 15 Bass Loops
• 18 Chord Loops
• 15 Guitar Loops
• 15 Song starter Loops
• 38 FX
• 100% Royalty-Free


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