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[Sample] Origin Sound The Drip - Trap And Hip Hop Sauce WAV

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[Sample] Origin Sound The Drip - Trap And Hip Hop Sauce WAV

#1  Gửi bàigửi bởi Xaudios » 08/01/2020 18:54

[Sample] Origin Sound The Drip - Trap And Hip Hop Sauce WAV

09.01.2020 | WAV | 557 MB

'The Drip' by Origin Sound fuses the powerful sonics of Trap with the characteristics of Lo-Fi to bring you an immaculate contemporary Hip Hop library. This pack is perfect for updating your sample arsenal and elevate your beat making. The foundation of 'The Drip' is in its expansive collection of musical elements. These samples are expertly crafted and ready to be thrown right into your projects.

'The Drip' is bursting with chest pounding 808s and basses, ensuring your beats turn heads and hit hard, whilst also catering for more musical focused elements to pair with the driving bass. You can find contorted Lo-Fi guitar chops, dusty rhythmic musical grooves to sit on top of your beat, musical stacks of intertwining melodies and chords, and much much more. The layout of the pack leans towards fast and efficient beat making, with fewer split up individual stems than in previous packs but more layered musical elements. The level of detail that has been carefully put into each loop allows the beat to come together a lot faster.

Now that you have picked out some music loops, have a search through the immensely detailed drum loops. These drums pack a heavy punch and will elevate your productions to the next level. Immaculately crafted and ideal for any Hip Hop or Trap producer, these drum loops are an essential beat making tool full of thumping heavy kicks, sharp and distinctive snares, and tops that roll on the top of mix with a stunning Lo-Fi characteristic. The drums also come as one-shots for those beat makers that like taking their creativity to that next level of customisation.

Last but not least, the FX folder will help fill out those arrangements with washy transitions, random processed Foley hits, and distinctive vocal shots.

Product Details:

• 120 Drum Hits
• 50 Drum Loops
• 23 Bass Loops
• 40 Melodic Stacks
• 20 Melodic Grooves
• 20 FX
• 11 808 Hits
• 100% Royalty-Free


Feb 01 2020: I will log off of this site forever. On this site, I was treated disrespectfully. So I decieded to leave.
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