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[Sample] Sample Magic – Soma Records Sample Pack Part 1 WAV

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[Sample] Sample Magic – Soma Records Sample Pack Part 1 WAV

#1  Gửi bàigửi bởi Xaudios » 29/10/2019 19:37

[Sample] Sample Magic – Soma Records Sample Pack Part 1 WAV

The sound of Soma Records is at once recognizable and difficult to pin down. It’s sometimes clean and focused, sometimes thick and hazy, but always dirty on the dance floor. This is partly because the label’s releases have maintained a singular artistic vision that makes up the stuff of legends (and consequently, it was that same curatorial ear that helped launch the legends of Surgeon, Envoy, Funk D’Void, Silicone Soul, Alex Smoke, and Daft Punk). But until now, that iconic Soma sound was near impossible to make your own, unless you were, well, Surgeon or Envoy or Daft Punk. So, when Soma themselves made this sample pack, we were ecstatic. And we’re happy to confirm that it properly captures the feel of the seminal techno label.

Soma Records: Sample Pack Pt.1 is an expansive library of fractured techno beats, dark synth loops, brooding bass lines, analogue hardware FX, reworked classic drum hits, and sharp-edged one-shots. These are absolutely, positively sounds made for robot ruffians and brick-beat futurists.

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