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[Soft] Sonoris DDP Creator 4 Pro v4.2.3 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

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[Soft] Sonoris DDP Creator 4 Pro v4.2.3 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

#1  Gửi bàigửi bởi Xaudios » 15/01/2020 11:31

[Soft] Sonoris DDP Creator 4 Pro v4.2.3 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R

Team R2R | 14 Jan 2020 | 18.7MB

DDP Creator - Create, edit and export.
The Sonoris DDP Creator is a standalone cross-platform DDP authoring application compatible with virtually any DAW software on the market. The DDP Creator lets you assemble professional RedBook compatible audio CD’s and supports the import and export of DDP 2.00 images and Cue Sheet (cue) files. It also enables you to burn and rip audio CD’s and send off images with FTP.

Supports import and export of .wav, aif, .flac and .m3u files
MP3 and AAC encoding, up to 320 kbps
Re-ordering of tracks
Add and edit ISRC, MCN and CD Text per track and/or for the entire project
Add and edit track indices, including on the fly during playback
Playback of individual tracks or entire project
Adjust and playback transitions between tracks with pre-roll
Export DDP 2.00 image files
Import DDP 1.0x and 2.00 image files
Cue Sheet (cue) support
Undo and redo
Pyramix .pmi CD image support
CD Architect .cda CD image support
CD Text binary file import and export
Audio CD burning
Audio CD import (ripping)
Data CD/DVD burning
MD5 checksum files automatically created
MD5 checking
MD5 checker executable for Windows and Mac included in DDP image
Red Book compliance checking
PQ Sheet .pdf export with additional project fields
Safe FTP uploading of DDP images with verify of the uploaded data and resume of broken uploads
Waveform display with zooming
Edit functionality, moving and trimming of wave objects
Replace source audio file (in case of a revision)
Reading ISRC codes embedded in .wav file following the MPG / EBU standard
Peak meters
Edit functionality, moving and trimming of wave objects
Automatic Updates
Easy Online License Activation
USB drive based license activation for offline computers
Universal iOS version of the DDP Player (iPad and iPhone) with DropBox support included

Features of the Pro version

Vinyl mastering
No Clip MP3 and AAC encoding
Loudness measurement and normalization of tracks according to the ITU-R BS.1770-2 / EBU R128
Edit CD Text, ISRC or MCN of an existing DDP without rewriting the DDP image file
Adjustable gain per track
Adding fades and crossfades, exponential and S-curve
Dithering to 16-bit (if needed) with TPDF, HP-TPDF and three separate noise shaping flavors
Automatic file tagging for .flac, .mp3 and .m4a files using CD text data
Enhanced CD support
Import of CD text with .csv files
24 and 32 bit file support
24 and 32-bit file export capability
Export files with variable naming, for example: (%track name%)
ISRC codes embedded in .wav file following the MPG / EBU standard
EBU R128 compliant loudness metering
True Peak metering
Custom PQ sheet logo
DDP encryption


Feb 01 2020: I will log off of this site forever. On this site, I was treated disrespectfully. So I decieded to leave.
Support me at:
Xaudios - Audio Hunter
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